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About The Couple

How We Met

Emma & Alex met January 2019 when Emma started working at Vidrio on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh, NC as a hostess. Emma had dined there in December 2019 with her cousin Kathy and thought it would be a nice place to work, not only did it not serve anything with ketchup, it was a 5 minute walk from her apartment.

There she met the cute Beverage Manager, Alex and their friendship flourished while working on projects at the restaurant together.

They started dating about a year later in February 2020... And moved in together May 2020...When you know, you know!

Emma & Alex packed up their lives in Raleigh and headed up North in August 2020, and then the South called them back and they moved in Charlotte, NC in August 2021.

What They Love

What Emma Loves Most About Alex:

Emma loves that Alex is always smiling and making her laugh. He has the sweetest kindest soul and is always thinking of others. Alex takes care of Emma and is always looking out for her whether it’s to grab a sleeve for her hot coffee, filling her water before bed, or making her favorite pasta, buttered noodles.

What Alex Loves Most About Emma:

Alex loves that Emma is fiercely loyal, wildly caring and always knows how to bring hope and joy to his life. Alex loves that Emma never waivers in her beautiful optimism and outlook on their lives. Emma is Alex’s best friend and loves that everyday she teaches him something and makes him a better version of himself.